Life, Love, Connection – 2019

A slightly belated Happy New Year to All. My hope is that 2019 will be your best year yet. Not your best year Ever – Just your best year Yet.

I come to this year full of optimism and hope. Not that I get that from reading the papers or watching the news on TV or getting sucked into the twittersphere. But it is the very nature of all that is going on in the world, most of which I have absolutely no control over, that makes me turn to the areas of my world where I can have some influence – the people in my world.

I can speak hope and joy and optimism into the hearts of my family, my friends and my community. I can take the time to connect, as in face-to-face even in the same room, to make the time for conversation, to hear and be heard. Circumstances can so easily preoccupy us and dominate our thinking. In my experience all of the crises and challenges from my past are just that – past. They have come and they have gone and I am still here. I could even say I am better off for them – I am certainly wiser. And no doubt new crises and challenges will come. But like those of the past they will come and they will go and if they don’t kill us we will still be here, a bit more humble perhaps and wiser. So I am choosing not to focus on the circumstances good or bad, but to focus on important relationships in 2019. Really it is about Life and Love.

Life and Love are way too important to be subject to circumstances. I believe circumstances should be subject to the awesome power of Life and Love. Circumstances, good and bad, come and go, but the power of Life and Love remains.

The only things I can really influence are myself and my own mindsets, and the people in my world. And that is what I plan for 2019 – to live fully and to love fully. To truly connect and engage, to encourage and support, to listen and be present and in this way maybe be an influence for some good. It will certainly be much more fun and I invite you to hold me accountable in this endeavour.

Always welcome your comments and feedback. Just click on the link below and email me. All the Best, Brian.

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5 thoughts on “Life, Love, Connection – 2019

  1. Great message Brian, thank you.
    Tell me please, how do I apply to be on your VIP distribution list who gets your communications regularly rather than the standard list who receive it all too infrequently? I always love to hear your thoughts and look forward to the next installment. Keen ‘Em coming. Cheers, Chris.

    • Chris
      Thank you for your application to join the VIP Program. Forgive us for not elevating you from the beginning. Next installment should arrive tomorrow.
      Thank you for your kind encouragement. Cheers, Brian