Is It Impossible – Or Just Difficult…?

I love questions. Questions are, I believe, one of the major keys to knowledge and understanding. Ask a good question and we will get a good answer. That allows us to ask a better question and get a better answer and on we go up the ladder of knowledge and understanding.

I like to gather great questions and this is the start of a series about some of the great questions I have collected.

I am starting with one of my all-time favourites:


This is a question I have been asking a lot recently of clients and friends – and myself, with some irritation. It is always more comfortable to be the asker of questions than to be the receiver.

But I do think this is one of the great questions. How often do we have challenges or difficulties or seemingly unattainable objectives and find ourselves stepping back, giving up or letting go? What is it that goes through our minds at that time? I would offer that it is our internal conversation that causes most of the grief. “That’s impossible…”, “I can’t do that…”, “No way…”, are some of the thoughts that can go through my mind. What about you…?

And that’s the issue for me. It’s the thoughts that go through our mind that stop us. We don’t often speak these thoughts out loud but unbeknownst to us (until now!) there is a part of our brain that is set up deliberately to ‘keep us safe’. It is programmed to stop us stepping out or doing any thing that might cause stress, anxiety or have the possibility of failure.

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

And that is the power of this question. It causes a massive pattern interrupt – it stops that program dead in its tracks. In our mind we are thinking “this is impossible…” and then the question comes “is it impossible, or just difficult…?”

When you stop to think about it  – “well it’s not really impossible, is it?” because at the end of the day mostly everything is possible, eventually.

What it does is open up the doors of possibility and access the part of our brain that is programmed for action. Now our mind starts to bring up all sorts of possibilities that support the view that maybe it IS possible. That gets us into motion toward our objective and each step we take gives us a new perspective and starts to develop momentum and build an internal belief that it really is possible, after all.

I wonder have you had experiences such as this where a good question asked at an opportune time changed your perspective and a delivered a better outcome than you expected. I would love for you to share that with me. Also, if you have any great questions in your toolbox, do share them in the comments below.

My Moment of Clarity today is that great questions are keys to unlock doors to our future. Who knows what treasures lie buried within us just waiting for the right question to throw the door open?

Back soon with the next great question.




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7 thoughts on “Is It Impossible – Or Just Difficult…?

  1. I believe what we think of ourselves and what we think of our God effects our decision when asked this question. So basically we need to look at how we perceive our God, is he a God of more than enough for us or do we walk in the unbelief than he can’t or won’t come through for us in the difficult places? Then we need to look at ourselves, are we willing to move forward and defeat our own enemies of fear and the uncertainty of not being in total control. Can we really trust God will help us and lead us? When we want to come into something new that is bigger than where we are now, there will be challenges but we must first win the battle of our thoughts. See yourselves able to whatever God is putting before you. Then put everything in his hands and be prepared to fight the battle of unbelief and start moving forward. Some days are hard and some days will be very hard but before you know it you will reach that place where you have conquered the obstacle that once held you down. Impossibilities can be overcome.