Let What Matters Most, Matter Most!

I spoke at a business breakfast a few weeks ago and the process of preparing for it was quite challenging. I have come to realize that many of the perspectives that I have traditionally relied on have basically been blown out of the water.
I spoke on “Let What Matters Most, Always Matter Most”. Right now my wife Helen’s Dad is dealing with cancer after 83 years of hearty good health. At the same time my lifelong friend in Ireland, Aidan, (Mono to his friends) is fighting cancer. He is just a very little further past 60 than me.
Add to this the disturbing events that are happening in the world at the moment, and I am left reflecting a lot on the question “what really, REALLY matters to me…”
A particular photo of a Mum and child standing on ruins in Eastern Europe also brought me up short. I have been clear and settled on my political position re the Middle East, but seeing that picture profoundly challenged me.
In truth, it is far less about political positioning than it is about people. It is people that matter to God, and at the core of my being, it is people that matter to me.

I am starting to see that over the years I have become immersed in world affairs and things political and economic that I can have absolutely no control over, but they end up stealing my peace and making me lose sight of what really matters and where I can have some influence for good.

So my moment of Absolute Clarity this week is to keep coming back to what really matters most, and to make sure that they always matter most.

Have a good and perhaps reflective week. Brian.

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One thought on “Let What Matters Most, Matter Most!

  1. I still laugh and cry at that story – it truly was a remarkable adventure. I learned that things seem to become more possible when we step out, no matter how crazy it may seem at first.