Perspectives … and trying to Lose Weight

I carry a bit of extra weight. OK, a lot of extra weight. I have done so for years. Rugby was my passion and I played breakaway and No.8 for years. I was fit then, and fast. And I had the appetite of a No.8. The problem was that when I stopped playing rugby, I continued to eat like a No.8 and now unfortunately, I look more like a prop. (For those who are not familiar with the terms, the No.8 is the tall, fast, thin guy at the back of the scrum. The prop is the big, slow, heavy guy in the middle of the scrum).

Front row

Anyway, for those like me, who carry extra weight it can be a big struggle to lose the kilos. I have done it all – Weightwatchers, Dr. Atkins, High Protein-Low Carb diets. GutBusters, Fit for Life – you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve had personal trainers, personal torturers, joined gyms – tried it all. I’ve done aquarobics, where at 59 I was the ‘young boy’ in the class (that was fun!) I could go on and on. I have more books and commando exercise programmes than you could poke a stick at.

So from all that you can gather I am pretty qualified to join in the chorus of those who talk about “How HARD it is…” to lose weight! And with my background I am also fully qualified to blame my weight on my past. For many this IS a real issue.

But the other day I was involved in one of those conversations(you know…about how ‘HARD’ it is to lose weight) and as I walked away I was really challenged. When I stopped to think of all I have to be thankful and grateful for… my life is blessed, not hard. Losing a loved one is HARD! Cancer is HARD! Having your house destroyed by bushfire is HARD! Living in Iraq right now is HARD!

Losing weight, along with a host of other ‘First World’ challenges we face is NOT hard. I have had a revelation of how out of whack my perspective has been on this and a whole list of other stuff that I allow myself to get bothered by…

So my moment of absolute clarity this week is actually not about losing weight(though I think I have just completely dobbed myself in to all of you on that issue!).
It is about perspective. Is our language and our self-talk in proper perspective? Is it really ‘hard to do’? or can we make a proper, quality decision and just go do it? It may not be about losing weight. It could be about anything.
What one change in perspective can you make this week that will open up for you a whole world of new possibilities?

Have a great week, Brian.

PS: I really appreciate the encouraging feedback I am receiving about these blogs. If you think someone you know might be interested, do feel free to share this with them. BM

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11 thoughts on “Perspectives … and trying to Lose Weight

  1. From: Richard Cox []
    Sent: Monday, 20 October 2014 6:19 PM
    To: ‘Brian Maguire’
    Subject: RE: Moments of Absolute Clarity – Perspectives… and Losing Weight

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you for your perspectives on losing weight it is not for me to skit but being a # 6 or 7 in my early Rugby games I soon became a #2/3 so have tried all of the Eggs, Grapefruit type diets with partial success of the years but it is hard when drinking quantities of Beer!
    In my current age bracket if have been asked to lose 5 KG and have succeeded by exercising for 45 minutes per day to start then cutting it back to 3 day/week riding a bike for 24 minutes then 22 for treadmill over 8 weeks I have lost 4.5 and mostly drink red wine now! I have also cut down on the size of the meals I eat.

    I still have more to go?
    Jenny my wife has always had problems and is like you tries as hard as she can to no avail, she just does not lose it so we are a mixed pair both struggling with for all of our 70 + years!

    I tried to add this to your Clarity #6 but this would not let me it froze my computer.
    Good exercising,

    • Richard
      Thanks you for your interesting feedback. We backrowers have to stick together. I lost 10 kg earlier this year and have held on to most of the loss.
      I am getting serious about the next 10.

  2. Brian & Helen,
    I know exactly what you are saying and seeing as we have a unit at Shoal Bay on the otherside of Port Stephens and we see the sun setting from a different angle and have also seen dolphens in close to the beach.
    We will miss is after 16 years so will then be free to visit other locations.
    We first went to Hawks Nest before the Bridge was completed and had to cross by punt also camped there at Jimmy’s Beach with the family. Travelled up to the Myal Lakes National Park.