Our Words Have Weight… and That Matters

I was called an old man for the first time today… and it was precious!

It was by a 5 year-old boy, being nice.

I was having breakfast at a great cafe called ‘Once Upon a Time’ (which in the context was amusing!) and was sitting across from a beautiful family – Dad and Mum, said boy and his younger sister having breakfast together. There is something very precious about seeing a young family getting on and having fun.

Earlier I had seen the boy and his Dad coming back to their table and the little one fell flat on his face. The slap of his hands on the tiles was quite loud so you know it hurt. There was a moment… and then he jumped up and returned to his seat – no tears, no screams.

My spontaneous response was “You’re a Champion!” and we shared a thumbs-up.

Later, as I was leaving, I spoke to Dad and Mum and complimented them on what a beautiful family they had. As I turned to go the little 5 y-o said “goodbye, old man”. His parents were shocked and immediately apologised. I laughed and said no need. Instead, I said to the boy “thank you young man, that was very kind”.

It struck me right away that he was connecting with me, not insulting me. I had called him Champion earlier and he was responding in kind by calling me Old Man. His words landed softly on my heart and made me smile. At his age he would have been unaware of how words can be used, and was just being his innocent, open self.

I left the cafe thinking about the weight of words and particularly the weight of our words to each other. Words do have weight. We can impact the meaning of what we are saying by the weight we attach to the words we speak , or write.

Harsh, angry words can be heavy and land in our hearts with a painful ‘thump’. Negative, critical, pessimistic words are like a heavy weight that can drag us down. Kind, loving, gentle and encouraging words land lightly on our hearts and bring light and life and build us up.

I could go on (and I think I will at another time), but my Moment of Absolute Clarity today is to challenge us to become aware and mindful of how we use words, and the weight we attach to them. Our Words have the power of life and death and are worthy of our best attention.

It is so good to have the privilege of sharing my thoughts with you. I appreciate you taking the time to read and I always enjoy your comments and feedback.

All the Best, Brian. 0408 277 773; brian@brianmaguire.com.au